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The New York Times Passover Cookbook : 
More Than 200 Holiday Recipes from Top Chefs and Writers by Linda Amster (Editor) The New York Times Jewish Cookbook: More than 825 Traditional & 
Contemporary Recipes from Around the World by Linda Amster (Editor), Mimi Sheraton (Introduction) Time Out New York Eating & Drinking 2005 by Time Out New York 
(Paperback  - October 2004) page 53 The Hadassah Jewish Holiday Cookbook: Traditional Recipes from the Contemporary Kosher Kitchens by Joan Michel (Editor), Louis Wallach (Photographer) Passover Desserts by Penny W. Eisenberg The Foods of Israel Today by JOAN NATHAN 	Passover Seders Made Simple by Zell Shulman The Complete Passover Cookbook -- by Frances R. Avrutick Seder Music


7 seder plates
 the four questions, the ten plagues...  Artist Susan Fischer Weis. Narcissus Challah Cover  	Voice of the Turtle Dove Matzah cover Tower Matzah Cover Batik Matzah Cover Woman of Valor challah cover spring grapes

Matzah box Anenome Challah Cover

Spode Judaica 12-1/4-Inch Seder Plate Square Seder Platter Papercut design envelope style bag with

Seder Table, The, Art Poster by Arthur Szyk

gold seder This Israel production of the famous English bone China Seder plate
 depicts the 10 plagues in colorful illustration and explanatory text. Israeli artist Yosi has produced a dramatic scene of Jerusalem.
 The gold and black design contrasts beautifully on white onyx.

The Complete Artscroll Siddur (Artscroll Mesorah Series) by N. Scherman Torah: The Five Books of Moses The Chumash: The Stone Edition (Artscroll Series) Bible Commentary:Genesis

The Dead Sea Scrolls Bible : The Oldest Known Bible Translated for the First Time into English
by Martin G. Abegg, Peter Flint ></a>

<a href= The Mishnah : A New Translation
by Jacob Neusner Midrash, Mishnah and Gemara: The Jewish Predilection for Justified Law
by David Weiss Halivni Back To The Sources: Reading the Classic Jewish Texts
by Barry W. Holtz Common Ground: The Weekly Torah Portion Through the
 Eyes of a Conservative, Orthodox, and Reform Rabbi by Shammai Englemayer Candle Lighting Times for Shabbat and Holidays
Find Shabbat and Holiday candle lighting times for any date in city in the world. Search by City, ZIP or Latitude/Longitude.
Everything Jewish
Detailed guides to Shabbat, Rosh HaShanna, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Hanukkah, Purim, and Passover.
Graphics Schmaphics
On-line Judaic greeting cards for all occasions.
Guide to the Jewish Year
An introduction to the events of the Jewish year, covering holidays and fastdays.
Hanefesh: Jewish Laws and Customs for the Holidays
Facts about Jewish holidays

Holiday Fun and Games
Holidays on Parade - A series of stories, educational material, fun and games, coloring pages for Jewish children.
Jewish Date, Holiday, Parsha & Zmanim Calculation Web Service
Calculate daily zmanim. Convert to/from Hebrew dates. List parsha, holidays. Via Web Service.
Jewish Event Planning
Special event planning site featuring: Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, birthdays, bris, births, and anniversaries.
Jewish Holidays and Festivals on the Net
Source for Jewish holiday celebrations on the web. Presented by The Jewish Post of New York and Holidays on the Net.
Jewish Holidays at Aish
Portal to all major and minor Jewish holidays with a short, introductory description, leading to dedicated sections. Features upcoming holiday. By Aish Hatorah.

Jewish Holidays at
Portal to collection of Jewish holiday websites by Detailed guides to all observances.
Jewish Holidays by Mazornet
Jewish holidays, celebrations, customs, and traditions. From Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur to Purim, Passover, and Shavuot. Features a calendar with Hebrew and Gregorian dates for the coming year.
Customs, traditions and halakhoth of the Jewish holidsys, based on the writings of Hakham Yoseph Hayyim of Babylon.
Shabbat & Yom Tov Candle Lighting Times
From the Orthodox Union.
The Holidays at Ohr Samayach
Directory, featuring articles and observance guides. By Ohr Samayach.

Virtual Jerusalem - Jewish Holidays
Holidays are presented throughout the Jewish year with information on the history and customs as well as recommended reading for each Holy day.
World's Mikvaos Listing
World wide mikvaos listing. Includes addresses, phone numbers and other details of mikvaot all over the world.
Conversion of English dates to Hebrew dates for annual proper prayer times for the dead. Prayers and information included.
Online Yahrzeit email reminder service and memorial. Information on memorial customs, Memorial prayers in Hebrew, English with transliteration.
Yom Tov - Classes on the Jewish Holidays
Online collection of articles on the Yomim tovim, directed by Rabbi Yehudah Prero. Graphical listing of the holidays. By

Aish Pesach Site
Aish HaTorah Pesach site. Includes complete Haggada with translation and commentaries, How To Clean for Pesach, insights, and a section in Spanish.'s Passover megasite
How to celebrate, say, pray, learn and eat on Passover; plus printable haggadah text, multi-level study, recipes, games, audio songs, stories, find-a-seder, and sell-your-chametz.
JewishAmerica - Passover
Thoughts, questions, insights, on Passover. Reflects the yeshiva background of the author.
Kosher for Passover
History, humor, religious information and links.
Miriam's Cup: A new ritual for the Passover seder
Miriam's Cup honors the role of Miriam the Prophetess in the Exodus and highlights the contributions of women to Jewish culture, past and present.

Information about foods usable for Passover, articles, and guides for the kosher consumer about passover products.
Passover : History and Meaning of Freedom in Faith
History and meaning of passover, including recipes, traditions, foods, symbols, art, and a translation into French. Includes passover from a rabbi's perspective.
Passover Greeting Cards
Free, animated greeting cards with music.
Passover on the Net - Welcome
Background, seder guide, music, recipes, text of the haggada. Solid introduction to Passover.
Passover Talk Show
Free talk show on Passover topics.

Pesach - General index
An educational site, with teaching units, activities, haggadas. Excellent resource for educators.
Pesach Journal from the VBM
A collection of articles from the Virtual Beit Midrash, on halakha, philosophy, and the background of the Passover holiday. Mostly advanced material.
Pesah Guide
Summary of what foods are and are not Kosher for Passover. (From the [Conservative] Rabbinical Assembly.)
The Karaite Korner - Haggadah Introduction
The Karaite Haggadah uses the Biblical narrative to retell the story of the exodus, based on the Karaite rite for Passover.
The Story of Moses: An Adoption Haggadah
For adult adoptees, adoptive parents and birth parents. This Passover seder celebrates the theme of Moses' adoptive "Egyptian" family and "Hebrew" biological family.

Thoughts On The Hagadah
A collection written by Rabbi Eli Teitelbaum, guaranteed to stimulate your mind and make your Seder more fulfilling.
Virtual Seder Plate
Clickable seder plate, with explanations.

Passover Seder Apron
Let My People Eat!: Passover Seders Made Simple by Zell Schulman

The Passover Table: New and Traditional Recipes for Your Seders and the Entire Passover Week by Susan R. Friedland

Welcoming The Sabbath ~ by Samuel Cohen, Sholom Secunda, Sholom Secunda (Audio CD)